I was very lucky to be invited to photograph the rehearsal of this fantastic ballet event – and extremely exciting to be able to see performing stars such Natalia Osipova, Edward Watson , Friedemann Vogel and others…

To make things even more special, one of the three choreographies, Zeitgeist had a world premiere and it was a UK premiere of another choreographie, Tristesse.

The programme featured three very diverse contemporary pieces, and opened with the world premiere of Zeitgeist. This piece was created for Royal Ballet stars Natallia Osipova and Edwards Watson, choreographed by Alastair Marriott and set to Philip Glass’ Violin Concerto. It also featured other members of Royal Ballet – Marcelino Sambe, Tomas Mock and Donald Thom.

Another piece, Tristesse, was created and choreographed by an amazing dancer Marcelo Gomez. This piece was originally created for King of Dance in December 2014. The UK premiere was danced by, alongside of Gomez, Denis Matvienko, Joaquin De Luz and Friendemann Vogel.

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