Wedding Packages

every wedding is unique, so i don’t offer wedding packages. in fact i don’t like packages at all – there are always things included that you don’t want (and you have to pay for) – school photos are a prime example – who needs 16 mini photos and 3 key rings…just give me one photo where my child does not have a forced, cheesy smile!
instead of a package i will tailor your wedding photography to best suit you and your budget. everything is possible, from digital images for your own use to photobooks (of all sizes and finishes), prints, canvases, prints on aluminum or wood, notebooks with your wedding photos as a thank you presents for your guests, to personalized mobile application with a selection of your favourite wedding images…i work with reliable and high quality wedding photobook suppliers and printers and i always share their special discounts and deals with my clients. so let’s talk when you are ready to plan your special day…