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Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake: The Legend Returns

December 2018

i went to see matthew bourne’s swan lake for the first time about ten years ago…a special trip to london with my daughter, who was ballet - mad , so this was a treat…my daughter was nine years old, attending ballet classes several times a week..i had been busy at work and did not really have much time explaining to her that this will be a ‘ different’ swan lake to what she had seen so far…so we got to sadler’s wells, had a walk around the theatre, got a drink ,found our seats and excitedly waited for the show to start…

i will never forget the look on my daughter’s face when she saw the male swans coming on the stage – a light shock swiftly turned into a delightful smile…a smile that lasted the whole performance…

ten years later, i am at the extremely lucky position to come to sadler’s wells again, this time without my daughter, but with my camera bag…I have been invited to the photocall of sir matthew bourne’s swan lake and i am so much looking forward to it….i can not believe my luck to be able to do this, and to making this even extra special, i will be photographing the young and talented matty ball, borrowed from the royal ballet, dancing the swan….

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